Stuck in My Mind hosted by Real Wize

Jeff Revilla on Stuck in My Mind Podcast with Wize Otero

Truly a great friend and mentor who is helping to elevate content creators on the Eastern side of Pennsylvania. Wize Otero is on a tear creating new podcast, networks and shows. Check out Real Wize Productions for all of Wize’s projects and shows: I had the honor of being a guest on the Stuck in

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The Authority Project hosted by Bryan S Arnold

The Authority Project with Bryan S Arnold

One of my first appearances when I started making appearances as “Jeff the Marketer” haha. I was still in my “lights out phase” and did this interview front lit in a dark room Catch the full episode here: Or watch it here:

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Triviality BONUS: Skateboarding with Jeff Revilla

Trivialty with special guest Jeff Revilla