Discussing Automotive Video Strategy on Auto Collabs Podcast

Jeff Revilla on Auto Collabs podcast for ASOTU CON

I sat down with Kyle Mountsier of ASOTU (Automotive State of the Union) to discuss the automotive video strategy I've deployed over the last 8 year

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Jeff Revilla on the ASOTU CON Stage

I’m so excited to have been asked to be a part of this conference. ASOTU CON is an automotive conference completely reimagined. It is designed to be a fully immersive knowledge drop! You will find me: Tuesday, Sept. 13th in the Marketing/Tech Breakout room 10:00am to 10:25am “Creating Content That Crushes” with Brian Ortega and

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Fayette County Fair

Stuff I Never Knew Live Trivia Show at the Fayette County Fair

I took the Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show podcast to the Fayette County Fair. If you missed this event, be sure to put it on your list for next year! It is incredible. This episode was filmed in 2 parts. First we did some “man on the street” style questions at the Fair.

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Mt. Pleasant VFD Street Fair

Jeff Revilla at the Mt Pleasant VFD Street Fair

This was a great event! We filmed 2 episodes of the Stuff I Never Knew Trivia Game Show Podcast at the Mt Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department Street Festival for the Armstrong Neighborhood Channel! For each episode 3 players were chosen to appear on the show as they walked by our tent! We were set up

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Pub Trivia Experience – Episode 171: Hot Seat Tournament: Nate vs Jeff Revilla!

Pub Trivia Experience Podcast

This is one of my favorite trivia podcasts. I had the opportunity to first work with Pub Trivia Experience during the first Trivia and Games Summit.

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Midlife Fulfilled with Bernie Borges

Midlife Fulfilled with Jeff Revilla

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Bernie on the Midlife Fulfilled podcasts. Many of the stories I told here, some of my friends don’t even know! This was a podcast and a therapy session for me. If you are some where in your midlife adventure, check out the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. Bernie has

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Invest in Yourself with host Phil Better

Phil Better Invest in Yourself Podcast

Podfest Origins 2021

Podfest Origins

I presented the concept of the Unlimited Seat Theater! This presentation shows you the concept of monetization through live events! I walk through the logic and process to monetize your podcast without running ads. There are many ways to build a revenue stream for your show that don’t involve ad reads. Reach out to me

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Live Trivia at the Black Canary Coffee Shop

Live Trivia at the Black Canary Coffee Shop in Springdale PA

This show was 2 years in the making! We planned the first one on March 30, 2020 and we planned on giving away free tacos and drinks. However, COVID had other plans Check out my Trivia Podcast or subscribe on your favorite podcast app: Watch the full episode here

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The Virtual CMO Podcast hosted by Eric Dickman

Virtual CMO Podcast with guest Jeff Revilla

On this episode Host Eric and Jeff Revilla discuss Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing! Listen to the full episode at:

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