Discussing Automotive Video Strategy on Auto Collabs Podcast

Jeff Revilla on Auto Collabs Podcast for ASOTU CON

I sat down with Kyle Mountsier of ASOTU (Automotive State of the Union) to discuss the automotive video strategy I’ve deployed over the last 8 years.

In this 30 minute podcast interview, we go back to my roots at the skateshop where I was buying Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture ads for a nickel, making video content and building community. We then delve into how we’ve build our own in house content agency generating over 500,000 organic video views per month for a car dealership!

Let me know what you think about this interview! If you want to see more, check out the Tech Stage at ASOTU CON in Philadelphia September 11 -13th! I’ll be sharing the stage with Brian Ortega, Nathan Greklek and Ilana Shabtay of Auto Lead Star to discus Creating Content That Crushes