That Will Nevr Work S4E60 "21 Days of Business Brilliance-Interview with Jeff Revilla

That Will Nevr Work with Maurice Chism

In this episode of "21 Days of Business Brilliance," Maurice Chism interviews Jeff Revilla about his journey into the field of digital marketing. Jeff shares how he started selling skateboards out of his parents' basement in 2001 and transitioned into ecommerce.

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Artisan Alley – Holiday Vendor Craft Show

Artisan Alley with Jeff Revilla and Maria Daniels

It’s my pleasure to share with you the enchanting experience of the Artisan Alley Holiday Vendor Fair that Maria Daniels and I had the privilege of hosting this December. Bringing the warmth and creativity of a traditional holiday market to the comfort of your homes, this virtual event was a celebration of art, music, and

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Media Boss Podcast with Dr. Barrett Matthews

Jeff Revilla on the Media Boss Podcast

In this engaging episode of the Media Boss Podcast, guest Jeff Revilla shares his unique journey into the world of trivia, demonstrating how specializing in a niche interest can lead to remarkable growth and success.

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Featured in Canvas Rebel

Canvas Rebel feature article with Jeff Revilla

Want to know more about how I got my start in new media and event production? Check out this feature article from Canvas Rebel! I’ll discuss some of the events I’ve produced, including Indie Pods United, 1 in 44 Autism Tour, and the Trivia and Game Summit. Learn more about where I’ve been and the

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Automotive State of the Union: Dealer Stories with Jeff Revilla

ASOTU's Dealer Stories featuring Jeff Revilla

I sat down with ASOTU's Chris Reeves and chatted a bit about my time in the auto industry and my work leading the Smail Auto Group marketing team in Pennsylvania.

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5th Annual Smail 500

5th Annual Smail 500 Employee Driven Food Drive

This featured article covers our attempt to break the 50,000 lbs of food mark! Since it's inception, each year the Smail 500 has been the second largest private food donation in Westmorland County.

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Fixed Ops Roundtable Panel – Discussing Service Scheduler Abandonment

Jeff Revilla is a Guest on the Fixed Ops Roundtable discussing Service Scheduler Abandonment and service marketing strategies

Join me as I discuss strategies for Auto Dealers to implement for their Service Schedulers. In automotive, the best conversion on a service scheduler is around 35%. Pairing tools with CDP software, like Orbee, dealers can begin building campaigns and reaching out to customers who abandon their service schedulers.

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In Niches – Session

Jeff Revilla Conference Speaker at In Niches Events

In Niches is a global conference where professional business owners can discuss strategy and share their numbers. I was invited to speak at the Conference Event to discuss my history with launching live events and conferences.

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The Ruben Jay Show

The Ruben Jay Show featuring Jeff Revilla

I had the chance to sit down with someone who has not only become one of my favorite guests on my trivia podcast but someone I like to bounce ideas and strategy off of. Ruben Jay! If you are into new media, Ruben is super knowledgeable on podcasting, radio, entertainment and all things broadcasting. He

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InsideAuto with Ilana Shabtay

Inside Auto Podcast with Ilana Shabtay

TacoCats Reunite on a special episode of Inside Auto! On this episode Brian Ortega and Nathanael Greklek discuss 3 very different video content creation disciplines and how we execute our strategies. Listen to the full episode and check the show notes at:

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