Marketing and Technology Stage at ASOTUCON

Jeff Revilla at ASOTU CON

I had the honor of sharing the stage with Brian Ortega and Nathanael Greklek to discuss “Creating Content that Crushes” hosted by Ilana Shabtay.

It was a very unique panel in that we’re all attacking content marketing from 3 very different disciplines.

Brian Ortega is going full in-house production and spinning off content for web and social.
Nathanael is all in on live streaming and social, and then spinning off content into other social channels.
I take the route of structured, long form, episodic content to reach a wider audience.

All 3 of us attack this completely differently and we all have some impressive results in social, earned media and organic SEO! This is one session you’ll want to sit in on when the recording is available.

This was quite the event! Check out my full review of ASOTU CON on LinkedIN