That Will Nevr Work S4E60 "21 Days of Business Brilliance-Interview with Jeff Revilla

In this episode of “21 Days of Business Brilliance,” Maurice Chism interviews Jeff Revilla about his journey into the field of digital marketing. Jeff shares how he started selling skateboards out of his parents’ basement in 2001 and transitioned into ecommerce, utilizing Google AdWords to sell skateboards worldwide. He discusses the challenges he faced, such as a significant sales drop during the housing crisis in 2007, which led to him providing advice to others on building websites, making YouTube videos, and digital marketing.

Jeff also talks about his innovative marketing strategies for an auto group, where they shifted from traditional car commercials to creating engaging content on YouTube, featuring a branded series called First Drive, showcasing the practical features of vehicles. He explains the success of content like unboxing videos, which have garnered millions of views on TikTok.

Furthermore, Jeff shares insights into his passion project, a trivia game show called “Stuff I Never Knew,” which evolved from a themed podcast to a virtual game show, and then to an in-person live event. He emphasizes the importance of taking the first step in pursuing ideas and projects, despite initial hesitations, and encourages listeners to start their journey.

Towards the end of the interview, Jeff provides information about his website “Paduty,” where he promotes interactive live events and shares details about a family game night event. Maurice asks a “would you rather” question, to which Jeff responds with a thoughtful explanation of why he prefers a fork in the road over three doors.

Overall, the interview showcases Jeff’s entrepreneurial journey, digital marketing expertise, and his innovative approach to creating engaging content and live events.