Tim Beisiegel

Hi guys Tim from Funny Science Fiction Podcast here.

So I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeff a couple different times. Once as a, from an organizational standpoint when we were arranging and getting Indie Pods United 2021 up off the ground. He has the organizer myself as a sponsor of the show and working hand in hand through a lot of different things. I found Jeff to be very engaging, very easy to work with and his energy level made me want to participate more and he’s just a really cool guy, very easy to work with.

Now on the other hand, having him as a podcast guest, that’s pretty awesome to see. Jeff has a really great sense of humor. He’s very, again very engaging and very easy to talk to and I found that he has a depth of knowledge on several different topics. So we talked nerd on our show and of course it’s a funny science fiction podcast and he had no problems with that. He came right in, he had fun and I’ll tell you what guys, your guests are going to love him. Don’t sleep on it. Get Jeff on your show now