Sara Bradford

As a professional event host and podcaster, the professionalism and instructional support, matched with his witty, fun, and sociable personality make working with Jeff Revilla, the BEST experience I’ve had putting on an event. Whether it’s structuring the event, building the event page and helping to market your event, look no further-his tenured experience shines through in the caliber of the work.

And we haven’t even started with guest experiences-when it comes to being a guest, you couldn’t be more supported than by Jeff Revilla. He always makes everyone comfortable and at ease (especially when technical difficulties arise). He rises to the occasion to ensure every schedule is followed, every guest is secure and happy and most of all he has fun while doing it! I’ve been so honored to co-host and host events with Jeff, and I can tell you I’ll never need to look elsewhere! I’ll always hold extraordinary events when I trust Jeff Revilla to be by my side!