Phil Better

I had the pleasure of having Jeff Revilla on my show, Invest in Yourself, to discuss his podcast, the Indie Pod United Summit, as well as the Women’s Indie Pod Summit.

It was a blast having him on the show. He’s hilarious. He’s so knowledgeable. I can’t thank him enough for gracing me with his pleasure. You will be better off having him on your show because just the guy is amazing.

He’s hilarious. He’s funny. He’s great. His knowledge is vast and he just wants to share everything with you guys and your audience. So do yourself a giant favor and get him on the show, Jeff. I want to thank you again for being on my show. You’re awesome.

And to anybody else who’s just on the fence, you better get him on your show now before he’s so big that he doesn’t have time. So thanks again, Jeff and guys do yourself that favor. Get him on!